Professional Dental Care


Dental disease is one of the most common health issues pets will face during their lifetime. Regular dental care is vital to keeping pets healthy and comfortable.

Untreated, dental problems will cause infections, tooth and bone loss, and pain. Our regular physicals include an assessment of dental health.

If dental care is needed, we are equipped to perform dental cleanings and full mouth dental radiographs, both of which are done under general anesthesia. Since 50% of a tooth sits below the gum line, dental radiographs are crucial to planning proper dental care.

In addition to cleanings, we can also perform oral surgery for extractions, gingivectomies, and oral mass removals /biopsies.

Dental patients placed under anesthesia are monitored using the same methods as for other surgical procedures. This includes the use of pulse oximetry (measurement of blood oxygenation), electrocardiograms, blood pressure, and capnography (measurement of carbon dioxide release from the lungs). Patients are also intubated and kept on oxygen throughout the procedure.

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